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This is my husband Vlad, Irina. Certainly, put a light music and invited I Ira, Igor Luda to dance. I with all the heart speak. When it was ready. In the house, except simply heat, evaporations from wall-paper therefore the easy option of a bath turned out were added. Here shadows will not prevent that is not present, there is no that.

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The veil of confusion and doubts fell down. I did not have already anything, neither confusions, nor fear, awkwardness. он removed from me a topic and shorts, under all this there was a bathing suit of tigerish color. Yes dear readers, it was pleasant to me to write, rummage in the memoirs.

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And today instead of working, I walk the streets, I look at people, at the city. behind that put him, his member kneelt and began to lick. I took cover a sheet.